Linkfilter HTML Tutorial
I dunno why examples of allowed HTML isn't included in the FAQ section, so here ya go....

for line break, use <br>

for paragraph, use <p>

for indention, use <blockquote>Your text here</blockquote>

<b>Bold</b> = Bold

<i>Italics</i> = Italics

<u>Underline</u> = Underline

<a href="">Linkfilter</a> = Linkfilter

<img src=""> =

resize it using: <img src="" height="15" width="15"> =

If you want ASCII art, use this: <pre>Preformatted Text</pre>


 .----.                             .---.
'---,  `._________________________.'  _  `.
     )   _________________________   <_>  :
.---'  .'                         `.     .'
 `----'                             `---' 
deathburger: <strike>strikethrough</strike>  
deathburger: Mind if I include this in a help project?
HTML tutorial
mattcarleton: This is very helpfull....Bring on more.
HTML tutorial
mattcarleton: This is helpful.......Bring on more