potatono: Reminds me of Waking Life.

Found while lurking on the imdb comments:

At a screening of Waking Life at a film festival, director Richard Linklater asked his audience if anyone was under the influence of drugs: several people raised their hands. He then remarked that they would have to stay after the film had ended and explain it to the rest of the viewers.

hollisfeats: i always liked this pic.. didn't you turn it into a painting? i would like your opinion on the bird-woman figure i'm doing. chris looked at it last night and his responce was "spooky". i think i might take her out of the painting all together. i just cant seem to get her right. it's driving me nuts. i should just stop bitching and go out and work her over. hmmm... after i trim the hedges.. ugh.. it's so hot!