Dermal Display
Posted by DV8 2XL in the wired 13 years ago
Seeing a bright future in implanted devices, this Seattle-based designer and animator, Gina Miller (with help from nanotech author Robert A. Freitas Jr.), has finished a concept-animation project that envisions a dermal display system consisting of billions of nanobots that can self-assemble and emit photons to form text and graphics directly on the skin. While user-changeable tattoos are the most obvious implementation of this technology, Freitas proposes the more “practical” deployment of using pixelbots to display info gathered from the army of healthbots that will one day run amok in our bloodstreams. The futuristic system also promises to be touch sensitive, allowing you to send a message back to your nano-friends telling them to get the hell out of your prostate.  
Via: Gina Miller's blog