typical guy, atypical situation  
a solid soul trapped inside of a broken body
Name: Kenny Occupation: Professional quadriplegic Age: 25  
Location: Washington, United States  
Was a normal guy until about 10 o'clock on February 11, 2004. A skiing accident left me paralyzed from the neck down. Now on a quest to piece together my purpose in this new life.  
sample of his entries...  
July 23 - I know you are wondering..."If you are a quadriplegic, like you say you are, how in the heck do you type?" Ah... the million-dollar question. Given that I am in fact completely paralyzed, it would seem strange how I keep popping out random thoughts on my blog at a fairly decent rate. Until somewhat recently, quadriplegics that wanted to use a computer were given a pencil. A pencil? You ask? That's right, a pencil stuck between your teeth will enable you to press the keys on the keyboard. Like you don't lose enough dignity just becoming paralyzed, now you get to type slower than my 2 1/2-year-old niece.  
Fortunately for me (sort of), I was injured during a decent era of technology. While voice-recognition is something that has been worked on for years, it has finally reached a point where it has become a viable option for dictation. Also lucky for me, I had a great Assistive Technology therapist in the hospital that was able to get me a copy of the best voice-recognition software out there. Voice-recognition... sounds like the perfect remedy, right? Well, sort of...  
and how many mindless complaints did you make today and not appreciate what you have? we can lose everything in an instant. and what we would give to have it all back again.
skeptical of this guy
timcwalker: Here is a guy who was a former college wrestler, and there are 0 articles (per Google) of him getting injured on the web. Also the date on one of his hats in his photos reads June 10, 2004 - and the date of his injury was Feb of 2004. I think that strange.