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I am a computer programmer, consultant. I have been in the "business" since about 1988, when I started a company called TCG (The Computer Genius) selling custom made systems and software. I currently write custom software and do work for mostly financial companies. I run this site, as well as a few others. When I'm not working I usually spend time writing applications for myself, playing online FPS games, and drinking good beer. I live in Connecticut, drive a Cobra, and don't really like people in general. I can usually be found hanging out on my IRC server late at night. I don't sleep too much.  
links to (mostly liberal) polical topics, e/n, your daily dose of xxx, somewhat similar to the one and only l-filter
nsfw erotic music vid found there
Thanks for the plug!
codewolf: It's great to see that sites I visit daily have people that also visit my site. I'm a daily linkfilter reader and have gotten some great ideas for my content manager from some of the features on this site.