Your Browser Sucks
Posted by Flip in blinded by science 14 years ago
The guys over at New Links have caused a stir in the "geek" world with their Your Browser Sucks Get Firefox...  
Here's the code and er everything :)
fb-: Tin.
Geeks.... you got to love them...
mist3rjon3s: ...but you can't.  
The "Poverty" ribbon that this steals from was about actually changing society for the better, and solidarity with poor people.  
You fools are dissing people for not having the "geek chic" browser of the month.  
Does anyone else think this might be a tad bit irrational, immature, self-absorbed.... oh wait, I'm posting this on linkfilter. Never mind.
aktaeon: You should mention this to author. It'd be easy to scale that image and the map up or down a notch and leave room for the other ribbon.  
I mean this is just what we need. Bumperstickers for our banner-ad supported internet. Somebody notify Gene Ray.
mmChronic: Oops - just replied to this in the wrong place. Sorry.  
It's down there titled We Fools Wibbled.
'We fools' wibbled...
mmChronic: The author knows. :)  
My graphic wasn't intended to sit in the same place and obscure the charity ribbon. I don't think the ribbons are even the same size - I certainly didn't just take their ribbon and recolour it or their imagemap.  
All the ribbons I've seen to date are placed in the upper right hand corner so I placed mine on the left. The z index of my ribbon would also make it display underneath the charity ribbon if there were any clash.  
But all that is moot now - I've rewritten it totally as a generator which allows you to specify which corner you want it to appear in and various other tweaks like allowing you to choose an official Firefox banner - which admittedly is less flamebaity than the original tongue in cheek banner I used. IE still sucks though and if I'm a fool for pointing that out then so be it. ;)  
Re the bumper stickers. A lot of sites have these banners anyway - at least this way it's only IE users having to download the image so it's a reduction in bumper stickers. Sort of. ;)