"Musick To Play In The Dark opener ‘Are You Shivering?’ is perhaps the most curious example, the ultimate sound of late-night gurns and imminent comedowns, somehow both asexual and hyper-sexual. It chronicles the tail end of an MDMA binge. A pair lay together simultaneously weary and wide awake, and experience the last tingles of the drug while the moon’s beams take on a tangible omnipresence. “In the oceans of the moon,” sings Balance, “swimming squidlike and squalid, this bright moon is a liquid, this dark earth is a solid,” a mantra for this new lunar sensuality.

During the pair’s extensive conversation with Penman, Balance spoke of how they “decided to go from the solar to the lunar aspect. We just decided to become completely open to whatever happens: make more reflective music. It seems a logical step… moon music.” Not content to simply allow in the moon’s influence, the idiosyncrasies of the West Country also seep into the group’s sound."

Exactly 23 minutes into each of the first nine seasons of Cheers

"There are, simply, none of the manipulative systems that have contaminated nearly all of mobile gaming. Just imagine playing a puzzle game and not having to wait an hour for a timer to tick down before you can play the next level. Imagine playing a strategy game where you aren’t offered the chance to pay more to speed up the suspiciously slow building times. Imagine not being screwed with while you play mobile games. What a concept!

Freed of that, there is instead what will possibly prove to be one of the best gaming launch lineups in history."

I'm definitely going to join, but I'm waiting for it to launch on Apple TV, which I assume is days away.

American Quran

An ongoing project to hand-transcribe the entire Qur'an according to historic Islamic traditions   and to illuminate the text with relevant scenes from contemporary American life. Five years in the making, the project has been inspired by a decade of extended travel in Islamic regions of the world and undertaken after extensive research.     Scroll down for the pictures.

In the past 100 years, Attorneys General have violated the Bill of Rights; engaged in political corruption and lawless acts while advocating "law and order"; endorsed abuses of power in the name of "national security”; and refused to cooperate with Congressional investigations of wrong doing. The list of controversial Attorneys General who have undermined their oath to uphold the Constitution of the United States is long and includes eight individuals who served from the time of the presidency of Woodrow Wilson to the presidency of Donald Trump.

A. Mitchel Palmer, Harry M. Daugherty, John N. Mitchell, William Barr, John Ashcroft, Alberto Gonzales, Jeff Sessions.

From Suicide to Weezer, Rick Ocasek knocked out a ton of great records, both famous and unknown.

Working with photographer Bob McMurtry, Ann began the practice of taking inanimate objects from installations and, in joining them to the body, changing their function and psychological relation. This process was documented in an ongoing photographic series from 1984-1992.

Drew Martin turned one of the pieces into a 3D printed vase.

Violence is Invisible

Violence is Invisible

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43 track A/V set (visuals by Weirdcore) featuring rare and unreleased material from Aphex Twin and affiliated monikers. On stage is a laptop, a modular synth, a 909, and a mysterious second person who is possibly his wife.

Sleek, sexy, and thoroughly updated for the 21st century. Plus Pino Palladino on bass!

Live @ Austin City Limits.

InfoWars and Goop are trying to sell you the same misinformed lifestyle.

An informative, passionate love letter to history's second most important drum machine. Although for me, 909 will always be #1.

This is delightful to watch, no matter who you are. Enjoy.

"This project examines English eel-rents from the 10th through the 17th centuries to help show both the extent and longevity of eel-rents as a part of the medieval English economy. Included are maps of eel-rents by century, estimates of the distances that rents travelled, and an educated guess about of the worth of eels in modern terms."