Posts like these
Novelhead: Posts like these are like when a rock star says the name of the town he's in to get applause. :)  
"And we think Springfield is the most rockin' town in the USA!"  
tripsterparadox: I swear I didn't look at the back of the guitar.
The most clicked links...
Timmy: Boobies, boobies, some sort of windows media crap, and boobies. Oh, and boobies, boobies, and boobies.
the goal, of course...
ultrafastx: will to be to surpass this link's comments next year.
LinusMines: Word...I'm lucky if I can get that much XP in a week.
Mac: Go read through the'll find it was a hastily thrown together "theme day" where we copied every comment on every link to that one.  
It gets kinda crazy at points, but was fun at the time.
well what do you know
Psychomike: The first page of the most clicked links- 15 topics- guess how many are about politics?