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"Like many, if not all, of our greatest leaders, Abraham Lincoln was a man full of paradoxes. Beneath the solemn visage that was Lincoln’s complex face was a cheerful, jovial, informal man who loved nothing more than a good joke or a witty story. Yet, beneath that genial layer was also a dark, depressed man who lost the love of his life when he was young, seriously considered suicide on numerous occasions, felt unsatisfied with his accomplishments and about his qualifications, and faced the death of his favorite child while he wrestled with the nation’s biggest crisis."

As we know, the life of a soloist is mostly a string of “concerts played and meals eaten” with the odd inside joke and run-in with the law (well, at least in my case). Yesterday’s experience started with the comic, transmuted into the tragic, and concluded on a sort of lovely note.
I missed chatter. <3
LowFlyingMule> they just issued an arrest warrant for Bill Cosby  
LowFlyingMule> he gonna get his pudding popped  
kingskyprawn> Bill Crosby just making it harder for others rapists to be hypocritical public moral scolds  
kingskyprawn> THINK OF THE RAPISTS, BILL!  
!! clu is around.  
!! LinusMines is around.  
LinusMines> If only Bill had thought of therapists years ago...  
LinusMines> Oh, wait...  
kingskyprawn> : )  
shigpit> He must have demanded to be a gynecologist on the Cosby Show.  
LinusMines> I Was Cosby's Personal Speculum Warmer (full report later)  
shigpit> "Hey, can i run this scene again?"  
shigpit> "Bill, it's been nine times."  
LinusMines> "Can I get fluff....uh, makeup on the set?"  
LinusMines> "And I need a dry sweater from wardrobe!"  
LinusMines> Wonder if his lawyers will use the affluenza defense...  
shigpit> There are plenty of new women to rape if he flees to Mexico too.  
shigpit> Oh god that's the blackest joke I've ever written.  
shigpit> LOL -- No offense to racial connotation of that word either, but that makes it even funnier.  
> * * * LowFlyingMule gives shiggy a coke with a rufie in it  
LinusMines> Schadenfreude LOL!


Middath – The Jam

Infinity Ink – Too Strong (Radio Slave Remix)

Alex Kennon – The Lover

Raumakustik – Animal

Federico Grazzini – Purple Fur

Pete Graham & Marc Spence – Culture

Dennis Cruz – Insane

Cour T. – Joke Jungle

Frankly Watts & Steady Rock – Ghetto Freestyle

Gettoblaster ft. Fuzzy Cufflinxx – Excited

Claude VonStroKE & ZDS ft. KE – Comments

Psychemagik – Rattlesnake

Dennis Quin – Twerkolater


Emery Warman – Bonesaw

David Keno – Resonate

If John Scott was good, then voting for him at all wouldn't be a story. But John Scott is bad, so watching him skyrocket to the top of the vote totals was admittedly hilarious. The All-Star Game is completely irrelevant in the grand scheme of things, and so, of course, it became the target of a joke. Scott just happened to be the punchline.