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Weird Al performs Classical Gas in the Hollywood Hills.

"With our company roots in sending large files, sharing is deeply ingrained in our culture. As such, it shouldn’t be a surprise that we publish a number of internal tools and libraries as open source. We used to publish this software under the MIT License; a short and readable license that permits anyone to use our technology freely, in whatever way they see fit. As of last week, we have begun switching projects over to the Hippocratic License. The Hippocratic license is based on the MIT license, but extends it to restrict the freedom to use to only those applications that do not harm others."

Software is considered Ethical Open Source (EOS) when it meets all of these criteria:

  • It benefits the commons. The license under which the software is released must not prohibit modification, derivative works, and linking or compiling with other software (unless under a copyleft provision), in the general spirit of open source distribution. It is created in the open. The source code must be publicly available, developed and maintained in public view, and welcoming of public contributions (subject to review and approval by the software project’s maintainers.)

  • Its community is welcoming and just. The software project’s community of maintainers and contributors must be governed by a comprehensive code of conduct that is consistently and fairly enforced.

  • It puts accessibility first. If the software has a user interface, it must be designed with accessibility in mind, ensuring all software functionality is available to all users, including users who may rely on assistive devices.

  • It prioritizes user safety. The software must be designed with features and safeguards that minimize the risk of abuse or harm to others through the use of the software.

  • It protects user privacy. If the software collects end-user data, the entity running the software must, upon request, delete or provide to the end-user any and all data generated and stored from the end-user’s usage of the software. All such data provided to the end-user must be in either a human-readable or widely interoperable open format.

  • It encourages fair compensation. The software project’s maintainers may, at their discretion, request remuneration in the form of code contributions, financial consideration, or other forms of voluntary support from organizations that derive commercial value from the software.

Here's massive list of open source projects used directly or indirectly to help harm and kill immigrants, along with ideas to disrupt their use.

Bravo to whoever is maintaining the Cheers preview page on Netflix right now

Maybe you'll read this and feel better about things. Maybe you'll fee worse. You'll definitely feel better equipped to wade through the less informed novel coronavirus/COVID-19 coverage out there.

"There are few people I’ve learned more from over the years–especially about viruses–than Peter Piot." - Bill Gates

Joseph G. Allen is an assistant professor of exposure and assessment science and director of the Healthy Buildings Program at Harvard University’s T.H. Chan School of Public Health.

He explains the reality of transferring the virus via surfaces.

Colin Quinn is Going Back To Brooklyn
A completely loopy bit from a recent Comedy Bang Bang episode, animated.
Bill Gates is a model for other gazillionaires. Now more than ever.

ill Gates on Trump’s call for quick end to lockdown:

‘There really is no middle ground, and it’s very tough to say to people, “Hey, keep going to restaurants, go buy new houses, [and] ignore that pile of bodies over in the corner.‘

Bill Gates, who has recently focused his money and time on keeping poor people from from dying of disease in third world countries, and who was calling for people like him to pay more taxes before the mess we're currently, and who badgers gazillionaires to commit to giving their entire fortunes away, and who has already donated $100m directly to helping with COVID-19, and who has continued to donate to affiliated causes, like schools.

He's wealthy, he's giving, and he actually knows quite a bit about this world we're now living in. We need leaders right now. He's one of them.

And he doesn't want to be president.

President Bartlet dispensing wisdom